our fall dining area

I have never shared our dining area on the blog and I’m so excited to finally reveal it here today!! This isn’t exactly a room, it’s more a nook off our kitchen. We turned our actual dining room into a second office so this space has been great for us a dining area since we normally eat at the island anyway. I’ve never decorated a dining table before (or any table, really) so this will definitely be something I hope to learn the more practice I have. I’m already getting ideas for our Christmas table. But for now, here is our dining table for fall.


Don’t let their cute faces fool you..Boonester has pulled silverware of that table at least 87 times already. Our neighborhood is hosting a progressive dinner in November and I’m excited to finally put this table to use! With the exception of the baby shower I hosted in May, it’s rarely been used since we always eat at the bar.

Our rug came from Ruggables and I couldn’t love it any more; it’s nontoxic (safe for the boys), machine washable (has a mat underneath that it’s attached to), spill/stain resistant, and amazing quality for the price. I went back and forth between a more traditional design or this geometric one but in the end, I think design works best for our space. And I haven’t had to machine wash the rug yet, but I’m sure I totally just jinxed it.

The garland down the center of the table came from Hobby Lobby, along with all the candles and the wall sign. All the mini pumpkins and pumpkin centerpieces were Walmart finds. Walmart has so much cute fall decor this year!

Currently at a coffee shop with my girl Shelbi drinking the best lavender latte- shout out to Momentum Coffee in Spring for being the real MVP. I know I drink way too much Starbucks, but I also love supporting local businesses and Momentum is not only the cutest on the inside, but their drinks (and breakfast tacos!) are amazing. Just wanted to give them a little plug while I’m hyped up from my latte.
Happy Thursday, friends!
xo, Britt

Sharing a few more of my fall favorite home decor finds below!

you had me at next day shipping...

We have guests coming to stay this week and it hit me a few days ago: we desperately need new bath towels. I’ve been embarrassed of the towels our guests have had to use lately; we donated the majority of our towels during Hurricane Harvey and have never replaced them, until now. I found the perfect (affordable!) towels HERE at Walmart and had to order a few sets (love several of the options but the white with grey stripe is my favorite- unique yet classic). I’ve long been a fan of Walmart’s Better Homes and Gardens brand and these towels have great reviews. The best part? They were available with Next Day Shipping! I just ordered them Friday afternoon, and we had them by Saturday. I couldn’t get over the convenience and wanted to share a few details with y’all in case you’re wanting to utilize Walmart’s new New Day Shipping, too!

BATH TOWEL SET | LEGGINGS | TEE (set of 2 for $9!)

Okay, now for some facts about Walmart’s Next Day Delivery! First and foremost you should know that the service is FREE on orders of $35 or more. It’s very easy to get your cart to $35 (if you’re like me), so take advantage of this free perk!
Some more facts:
-No membership needed
-Easy! Just enter NextDay Mode on your phone or laptop, and everything you see will be available for NextDay Delivery
-Your entire order arrives in 1 box for your convenience
-Over 100K items eligible

I already have my eye on some more home items we need before our company arrives, and I’ll share them in the widget below. They’re all Next Day Shipping eligible and I have a feeling I’m going to get spoiled to this in a hurry. :)
xo, Britt


Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

back to school with walmart

Bear started school last Wednesday and Boone starts Mother’s Day Out this Tuesday, so we’re heavy in the throws of all things “back to school”. Y’all know how much I love Walmart and take advantage of their free 2 day shipping on order over $35 any chance I get. The boys needed new school clothes and I was SO excited to find them some matching sets! Comfort/cute is our jam when it comes to their clothes since these little boys like to play but Mommy still wants them looking presentable, and Walmart has so many affordable sets for boys of all ages.
I also wanted to really get organized since organization went out the window all summer, and want Bear to have a great workspace to do his homework. He prefers to work at our kitchen bar, but I don’t like leaving out a mess of markers, crayons, and paper every evening. We found a great solution of a “homework bin” (this $3 basket is perfect for holding all his supplies) that we’ll store in the pantry whenever it’s not in use. Boonester also got a Baby Shark Color Wonder pack that’s perfect for toddlers! Safe to say these boys are set for school.

Bear’s outfit set ($11 for both!)
Boone’s outfit set ($8 for both!)
Crayon box | dry erase board | gold magazine holder | gold baskets | grey basket | Crayola Baby Shark Set | desk calendar

I also picked up a few office supplies for myself because I knew these baskets would be perfect for my office. Something about school starting makes me crave organization around the house…anyone else?! I’ve been meaning to get a dry erase board for our fridge for months now; I wanted to keep track of lists in a central place we all could utilize. We ordered this dry erase board and are loving it! Such a simple way to keep track of things.
I’m a big believer that kids’ success in school starts at home. We need to build them up, prepare our kids mentally and emotionally in order for them to have a great year. On the first day of school, our normal 5 minute drive to Bear’s school took around 40 minutes with traffic. During those long 40 minutes, I told Bear what a great year he’s going to have. How smart he is and how easily he’ll make friends, in attempt to build his confidence. Because if our kids don’t hear it from us, where will they hear it? Success in school goes beyond homework and reading at home (while those things are very important!). Behind every happy little kid is a parent cheering them on from the sidelines, letting them know they’re loved and supported every step of the way. I hope Bear and Boone always know that.
Sending all of you mamas and your littles a big hug as you start a new and exciting school year. You got this!
xo, Britt

*Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.