diy space valentines & a printable

I've mentioned a couple times that Bear and I are hosting a "Love You to the Moon and Back" themed Valentine's Day party this year and we couldn't be more excited! Bear is obsessed with NASA and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up so this theme is right up his space-loving alley. We've asked everyone to bring valentines to exchange and there are over 20 kiddos coming, so we already got busy making some homemade valentines! Bear also has an exchange in his Mother's Day Out class, and for that we're just buying whichever pack he picks out at Target. Momma can't DIY it all...and to be honest, he probably prefers the store bought ones best. But we did have fun putting these little bags together for the party!

It was a clear choice to put Milky Ways inside of each treat bag, and the Midnight Milky Ways were perfect for the occasion since they're black and silver. The cellophane bags came from Michael's, and I created the printable without Zach's help for once! Shocking, I know. Y'all know by now that technology and graphic design are not my forte.

We have this photo sticker paper and I use it for pretty much everything under the sun. It's great for labels and things like this that don't tie on easily with ribbon. Cellophane is slippery! You can see I had the ribbon out with every intention of tying these bags up but after much frustrating trial and error, I resorted to sealing with washi tape. 

I left a spot on the valentines to put "to" and "from", or you could also write a sweet note there if you're giving the bag to a teacher or friend.

Speaking of midnight, it's nearly midnight in Texas right now (11:48pm) and these pictures are making me hungry. Am I the only one that raids the fridge in the wee hours? I'm better about it than I used to be but man, Pinterest is not good for the waistline. If I get on Pinterest anytime after 9pm, it's all over. I need a snack. And a new house. With new furniture. 

I know, I know...this red polka dot washi tape isn't really cutting it. I searched the whole house for some black or silver but to no avail, so red it is. At least this will actually stay in place unlike that slippery blasted ribbon.

And just in case your little one loves all things space as much as mine, we're happily sharing the printable below! :) Just click on the image, save it, and print away. If you want to type names or add to it, open it up in PicMonkey and edit your little heart out. We don't mind one bit!


It's officially the weekend and I'm SO EXCITED because it's gonna be a great one! With the Super Bowl in Houston this year, there is no shortage of parties and events going on the next few days. Some of our best friends are in town from Denver and we're taking them to Jus Mac for dinner tomorrow; I'm counting down the hours because Zach, Bear, and I love the place. You haven't lived until you've tried their truffle mac 'n cheese. If you're ever in Houston, call me up and I'll take you to Jus Mac. Unless of course you're on a diet, then we'll avoid it at all costs. #cheesecoma

Cheers to the weekend, friends! Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!
xo, Britt

DIY lingerie bouquet & my Kohl's perfect pair

*This post is sponsored by Kohl's. I was paid for this post and received the included panties as compensation.

We live right around the corner from a Kohl's and it's both a wonderful and dangerous thing. I'm in there at least once a week shopping for toys for Bear, decor for our house, clothes for myself and Zach, and lots in between. When I was contacted to do this post and try out Kohl's panties, I was naturally super excited to have an excuse to shop at one of my favorite stores.

I headed to Kohl's right away and dove head first into the "intimates" section. I wanted to try as many panties as I could to be able to accurately review them to all of you and of course find some panties that I love and could add to my own collection. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection Kohl's has; I could've spent all day in the lingerie section alone. For that reason, and because shopping for underwear can be a bit overwhelming, I've broken down my favorite six pairs of panties below just for you! Note that each pair comes in different colors, I just used black for the aesthetic of the post. I personally prefer nude in most undies, as it works best under light-colored clothing.

1. best boy short - I have friends that live in boyshorts and after trying the Maidenform Cotton Dream Tailored Boyshorts, it's easy to see why. These panties are so comfortable, I forgot I was even wearing them. The material is really stretchy and breathable; I'd recommend these for wear under any and all clothing. 
2. no lines + thong - I rarely wear thongs anymore but when I do, the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Tailored Thong is my go-to. The design really does mold to your body for a seamless look that absolutely does not show under clothing. They do tend to run a little small, so size up one size.
3. everyday tummy control - For everyday wear, the Olga Light Shaping Hi-Cut Panty is where it's at. I worried they'd cut into my skin but they didn't at all; the material is actually very soft and comfortable for all day wear. 
4. work-out friendly - The Fruit of the Loom Breathable Micro Mesh Low Rise Briefs are the ideal work-out panty. The mesh material is extremely comfortable and really breathable, which is ideal for sweating at the gym. 
5. high rise + comfort  - The Vanity Fair Seamless Hi-Cut panty looks smooth under clothing and doesn't ride up with wear. This is another great style for everyday basics and office wear.
6. best under dresses - I've very picky about what I wear under dresses, and the Bali Ultra-Control Seamless Brief is amazing. They really shape the tummy and slenderize your silhouette, making you feel more confident and look better in your clothing. They actually provide back support too, which is great for a long day of being on your feet in heels.


When you are shopping for panties, think how you like your clothes to fit. Do you prefer high waisted jeans? Then chances are you'll prefer a similar panty. Do you like really low cut, short shorts? Then you probably want a low cut thong. I always size up a size in panties; I normally am a size XS/S in clothing but I get a Medium in panties every time. I just prefer a looser, more comfortable fit. Never be shy or embarrassed about the panties you buy; it's most important that you feel confident and sexy in what you're wearing. The panties won't show, but your smile and confidence will. 

Kohl's is also having a a Total Semi Annual Event 8/5-8/21 so be sure and shop the sale then! They're also offering $10 off $40 your Intimates purchase with promo code INTIMATES10. Promo code is valid 8/5-8/17. 

And now for the craft!

I can't begin to tell you the number of bachelorette parties I've attended where I was completely clueless as to what to gift the bride-to-be. Let's face it, all that fancy onesie-looking lingerie can be super expensive and who knows if the bride (and groom) are even in to that sort of thing. The safest bet? Panties. In the form of a rose bouquet? She's sure to love (and actually wear) it.

You can get creative with the colors you use, anything from rainbow to dusty pink. I chose red & cream because my friend Sarah is getting married soon and these are her favorite colors. This bouquet also makes a great bridal shower or Valentine's Day gift. My girlfriends and I exchange "Galentine's Day" gifts every year and I know what they're getting next year!

Kohl's really does have the best selection of panties; I especially love this Maidenform pair because they're so soft and sexy. Perfect for the bride-to-be! They also have beautiful lace detail, which makes them ideal for this project. Most of Kohl's panties are 3 for $30 and the quality is amazing. 

Any size of panties works for this project, just make sure that they have at least some lace on them. If the material is a little stretchy, that helps as well.

To create your own lingerie bouquet, you'll need:
-half a dozen or a dozen lace panties (I did a dozen, but 6 works just as well)
-1 inch green painter's tape
-1/2 inch floral tape
-faux leaves
-25+ strands of floral wire
-tissue paper

Start by cutting the tags off of all the panties. Make sure you get the right size before doing so!

Lay a pair of panties flat as pictured.

Starting at the bottom, make one fold up to just below the middle of the panty.

Make another fold, stopping right at the bottom of the waistband.

Take the outside edge and begin rolling the panty tightly toward the other edge. 

As you near the center, take two pieces of floral wire and lay them in the middle of the panty. The top of the wire should be just below the top of the waistband (so it won't show then your rose is complete). Keep rolling the fabric until you've reached the other side.

Hold tightly onto your rose and use the green painter's tape to secure. Start about halfway down and begin wrapping around the rose in a circular motion. Wrap all the way down until you've reached the "stem", and then wrap another 2 inches down.

Grab your 1/2 inch floral tape and begin wrapping over the painter's tape. You'll do the exact same thing you did in the previous step, except this time you will wrap the floral tape all the way to the bottom of the stem.

Once the stem is fully wrapped and your flower is intact, stick a leaf or two in the back of the rose. I found these leaves in the floral department at Michael's; they already had this metal attached which worked really well. I also used a few without metal that worked fine, too.

Lay your roses in a bundle and wrap the tissue paper around the stems. Tie with a ribbon. 

You're all done! A lovely rose bouquet awaits a very lucky lady.

I'm dying to give these to sweet Sarah and hope she loves the bouquet as much as I enjoyed making it! If you have any questions at all, just leave them in the comments and I'm happy to answer as best I can. Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself on these tutorials so feel free to call me out if I skipped a step or two. The great thing about this project is that it's hard to mess it up; just roll the roses, tape 'em up, and you're set. I mean I can mess anything up but I'm sure you'll breeze right through. 

Roses that don't have to be watered and will never die? Now those are some florals I can get behind. 
Thanks for reading!

xo, Britt

*A big thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.