boone: 18 months

I just realized the other day that I haven’t done a Boone update in so long, I think since he turned one. I know after most babies’ first birthday that monthly updates kind of fade out, but 18 months is a milestone and I want to remember it! Our Boone Thomas is extremely busy, always into everything and making messes. His little smile lets him get away with a lot, though, and we love him to pieces.

That last picture is a perfect representation of our sweet rascal- always meddling. Boone is happiest playing outside with our dog, Dasher, and they have become best buds over the past few months. It’s so cute to see the two of them together and we’re lucky that Dasher is such a gentle dog and very patient with Boonester.

I don’t have any big milestones to share since Boone started walking at 11 months and it’s just been full speed ahead ever since. He has a mouth full of teeth, I think almost every tooth is in, and teething was not pleasant for our little guy. Thankful he’s through it! He is'n’t picky and will eat most things, but he especially loves scrambled eggs, blueberries, and cheese. Also steak over chicken…he has expensive taste :).

Boone weighs around 28 pounds and I can’t remember his height from his last check-up but he’s in the 90th percentile for both height and weight (and head circumference is 99th boys and their big heads!). He wears size 5 diapers, 24 month clothes, and size 5 shoes. He doesn’t sleep the greatest still, but we’re used to it by now. I’m still waking up 4ish times a night to feed him (I realize that’s a lot and not normal, but his doctor isn’t concerned). We co-sleep and while that worked great for Bear, we probably should’ve gone a different route with Boone. But alas, he’s happy and we’re happy so at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade the extra snuggles for anything. Except maybe a few more hours of sleep. Kidding! Kind of.

Our big boy loves cars (“cahs”) and says at least 10-15 words. He’s very expressive and points at everything, turning my head with his hand if I’m not paying attention to what he wants me to see. Most recently, Boone starting loving his balance bike that Santa brought him and rides it all over the house/on the driveway. He is fast, both at running and riding his “bike”. We all laugh trying to keep up with him, especially Bear who adores his little brother.

It’s been such a fast year & a half but also the best, most memorable 18 months of our lives. I never thought I could love a lack of sleep or complete chaos (majority of the time) so much, but I do. Because it means I get to be Mommy to Bear and Boone, and I feel so incredibly lucky for that role.
Boone Thomas, we love you! You are our determined, funny, sweet little boy and God blessed us so when he brought you into this world.

xo, Britt

elissa's baby shower

Last weekend, we showered my best friend Elissa with lots of love and anticipation for her baby boy on the way (you may remember the beautiful baby shower Elissa gave me here). Elissa’s shower was held in our home but it was a group effort that wouldn’t have been possible without Elissa’s Mom, Jody, and Elissa’s good friends, Kristen and Rubi. Lots of thought and love were put into every detail of the shower, from the gorgeous florals (thank you, Jody!) to the yummy food (thank you, Kristen!), it was truly a special day that I hope Elissa and baby boy enjoyed. Sharing all details and lots of photos below!

Shower details:
photos: Ban Avenue Photography
cake: Tiny Bakes
This cake was so delicious! I had heard about Tiny Bakes from a friend and now I can honestly say that Elizabeth will be my go-to for cakes in Houston from here on out. The top layer of the shower cake was funfetti and the bottom layer was chocolate (Elissa’s favorite). Both flavors melted in your mouth and were moist, flavorful, and just so good. Highly recommend!
invitations/thank you notes: Whitney Farnsworth Design
I looked far and wide on Etsy for a shower invitation that wasn’t “cheesy” and had more of a classic nautical feel. As soon as I saw the watercolor sailboats on these Whitney Farnsworth Design invitations, I knew Elissa would love them. Even more of a bonus that they came with matching thank you notes which we set out for guests to address at the shower. Whitney was so easy to work with and does amazing work.
cookies: Cookie Queen of Spring
You guys know I’m all about the sugar cookies at parties and we had to have some for Elissa’s shower, of course. Jody found a design on Pinterest and the Cookie Queen of Spring made the cookies come to life. In fact, I love how they turned out even more than the inspo picture. The Cookie Queen herself, Brooke, is such a kind soul and is truly talented beyond words at her craft. The cookies tasted just as good as they look, as every single one got eaten at the shower. Houston friends, you have to use Brooke for your next event!
florals: Lary’s
seashell garland: Michael’s
guestbook: Seeonee
Elissa’s dress: Pink Blush
food: Zoe’s Kitchen
other decor: Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, etc.

Jody found the centerpiece boat and painted it to match Elissa’s nursery, along with making the sail. Lary’s filled the boat with flowers which made such a gorgeous centerpiece for the table. Jody also did the “message in a bottle” with wishes for Jose, Elissa, and Baby.
Kristen was in charge of the guest book which will be such a cute touch in Baby Carmona’s nursery. Kristen also was in charge of all the food from Zoe’s…and boy was there food! We had a huge, delicious spread that everyone enjoyed. Kristen also found all the paper goods, which were also a hit.
Rubi flew in from Florida just to be here for Elissa’s shower, which was such a special gift in itself. Rubi was in charge of all the games for the shower, which provided some laughs, and props that made for the cutest photos.
Guest took home bath bomb favors wrapped in burlap and tied with anchor ribbon, with a sign reading “Please take a favor from Elissa’s shower to yours”.
Kristen made the food label cards, and Zach helped me make (aka he did 90% of) the wooden card holders.
The mantle was a stunning work of art done entirely by Jody. She took wooden 2x4’s to add height to the seashell garland, which she surrounded by cream colored florals. The hydrangea’s smelled so good! She also made the banner that hung from the mantle reading “It’s a boy” with sea creatures matching the theme.
Most of the decor we used all belongs to Elissa; she kindly let us use her nursery decor for the shower since she already had a lot pieces. I love her nursery theme; it feels “vintage nautical” and is going to be so sweet for their baby boy.

Beanie (Elissa and I have called each other this since college),
We cannot wait to meet sweet Baby Carmona! We love him so much already and you and Jose are going to be the best parents ever. We love you so much and can’t wait to see you as a family of 3!
xo, Britt