thoughtfully styled blogger brunch

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a "blogger brunch" hosted by my beautiful friends, Casey & Jessica (their blog here!). Everything was perfection, from the detailed mimosa bar to the yummiest sausage casserole. They even had blueberry cake donuts, which happen to be one of my very favorite things in this world. You have to go check out their blog, Thoughtfully Styled; these ladies know how to dress and throw a killer party. And what else is there? ;)

hosted by: Thoughtfully Styled
photography: Nectar Tyson Photography

After chowing down, we all sat around the table and discussed technical terms that are over my head like SEO and CMS. It was so fun to chat about something we're all passionate about and exchange ideas with each other. I also got to meet several ladies for the first time, and they're just as sweet as the rest. That's probably my favorite part about blogging; the community and support local bloggers give each other, at least here in Houston, is incredible. Also, parties. I like the parties.

Speaking of, this weekend is going to be a crazy busy one, full of celebrations and my first ever blogging conference. The girls who started Thrive are amazing girls that I love and I can't wait to see everything they've put together! Don't worry, there will be a blog recap (as if you had to wonder).

xo, Britt