halloween costume inspo

I had lunch with a group of girlfriends last week and the topic of Halloween costumes came up which got me so excited! If you've been following this blog for awhile then you know my obsession with Halloween and finding matching costumes for Bear & me. The past three years, he's gotten to choose a "trick or treat" costume that's all his own and then he humors me with a "Mommy & Me" costume for the parties & playdates we attend. We have something up our sleeve for this year that will be on the blog in about a week- can't wait for you to see! :) This will be our last year of dressing up together since Bear's baby brother will be here next year and I have a strong hunch that I'll be dressing them up in coordinating costumes (much to their excitement, I'm sure). 

Here's a look at our Halloween shenanigans over the past 4 years:

First up, Bear's first Halloween at 11 months old. He was Peter Pan and I was Tiger Lily. He won the costume contest (and cash!) at our big playgroup playdate. Both of our costumes were part bought/mostly DIY. He of course didn't get it at all but indulged Mommy nonetheless.

For Bear's second Halloween at (almost) age two, we were Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy. I ordered Bear's costume off of Etsy- it was entirely handmade and so cute! I had been in a wedding earlier that month and this was my bridesmaids dress, so all I had to find was blue fairy wings and a blonde wig. 

For Bear's third Halloween, we went as Cruella de Vil and her dalmatian. This was pretty easy- I had everything for my costume except the wig which was an easy Amazon order and we found Bear's puppy costume at Target. He wasn't feeling well on the day of the pictures, as you can probably tell, but still was a trooper! Speaking of troopers, his actual Trick-or-Treat costume that year was a Stormtrooper from Star Wars and he definitely loved that a lot more.

Last year, we went as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Bear obviously wasn't feeling this costume too much either but got to go as Darth Vader for trick or treating, which made up for it. 

That's a wrap on our Halloween history! What are your little ones and/or you dressing up as this year? I'd love to hear! Bear has changed his mind 15 times already on his trick or treating costume for this year, so our plan is just to take him to a costume shop the day before Halloween and let him decide then so hopefully he doesn't have time to change his mind before the big day. Oh, the big decisions in life. Can't wait to see what he picks!
xo, Britt