lemonade stand | walmart grocery pickup

Bear got it in his head a few days ago that he wanted to have a lemonade stand (his first one ever!) so of course my mama heart melted. Shortly after, it hit me that we didn’t have anything at our house to have a lemonade stand. I didn’t want to take both boys into the store, as you mamas can relate to I’m sure, so Walmart Grocery Pickup was FTW in a big way.

Bear’s shirt ($2!) | Boone’s romper | Boone’s shoes | my tee | my jeans | drink dispenser

I’ve been using Walmart Grocery Pickup so much lately and plan to start using the Delivery service as well. You can order groceries, party supplies, dinner supplies, cookware sets, camping and outdoor supplies all at Walmart.com/Grocery or through the Walmart Mobile Grocery App, which is a life saver for busy mamas.

I was talking to some of my friends about Walmart Grocery Pickup a few weeks ago and one of them said she was afraid to use it because she likes to pick her own fresh produce. I was weary of that too, until I learned that the Pickup/Delivery associates are trained to pick the freshest items (100% freshness guaranteed or your money back). Another friend didn’t utilize Pickup because she didn’t want to pay additional fees for it, until I told her that it’s completely free ($30 minimum purchase required).

It’s so easy to do: You set your pickup time (or delivery time if you want it brought to your house) and then opt for text, email, or in app notifications on your order. They will tell you when your order is ready (if you’re going to pickup) and then you just let them know you’re on your way. The Walmart associate will literally load your order right into your car so you don’t even have to get out. Best invention ever! Bear has no interest in going in the store (unless he’s getting a toy), so this is a win/win for everyone.

Right now you can get $10 off your first order of $50 or more with code M2A3DZ3F. Just go to Walmart.com/Grocery or download the Walmart Grocery App to redeem (offer is only good for first time customers and expires on 1/31/2020). I promise if you use this service once, you’ll be hooked!

And if you couldn’t tell, Bear’s lemonade stand was a big hit with the neighborhood kids. He was so cute making the sign; I told him to put “lemonade” and a price, so he added the “good” like a smart little entrepreneur. Can’t believe summer is coming to a close so soon- trying to soak up all the fun activities while we can!
xo, Britt

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

splashway recap

Last weekend, we headed to one of our very favorite places, Splashway Waterpark and Campground. We went last year with my parents and had so much fun, we couldn’t wait to get back this summer (read a full review here). Bear really wanted to show Zach how he can do the big waterslides by himself, and we couldn’t wait to see Boonester in full force at the Waterpark this year since he was just 5 months old the last time we went. Sure enough, he lived his best life there. Sharing more below!

We arrived Friday afternoon around 1pm and were excited to hear that our cabin was already ready for us. We unloaded our bags and let the boys play for a bit because they both absolutely LOVED our cabin. Bear really thinks we’re “camping out” when we’re at Splashway, even though the cabins are nicer than a lot of hotels. The bed is like a cloud, you have your own kitchen, and can crank up the AC and much as needed on a hot Texas summer day. More like “glamping” and that’s my style.
We changed and headed to the waterpark, where we all did the Lazy River and Boone decided he needed a nap in the tube. We rented a cabana both days which we learned last year was totally worth it. The cabana gave me a private place to nurse Boone and let him nap, keep all of our things locked up in a safe, and order food/drinks at the push of a button. We had a blast before heading back to the campground for s’mores around the fire pit by the pond, a round of putt putt (Bear’s favorite), and watching Lion King on the lawn. I wish I could put into words how unique and special Splashway is; it’s truly like this magical place where I feel safe letting my boys run and play and they love it even more.

We all slept in on Saturday morning before making a donut run and hitting up the waterpark. We stayed in the park from 10:30am to 5pm and I think the boys would’ve never left if it had been up to them. Bear loved jumping over the waves in the wave pool, and there are at least 4 toddler areas that are perfect for Boone’s age. He had fun making little friends and going down the mini baby slides. Mama got a pretty good tan, so everyone was happy. Zach ended up floating around the Lazy River with Boone for almost an hour while he napped in a tube again; we laughed about how the River put him to sleep every time. It is relaxing…I could’ve taken a nap there, too.
Saturday night was probably my favorite part of the trip. We got back to the cabin and just relaxed, had burgers for dinner, and headed over for another round of putt putt per Bear’s request. We had laser tag tickets but Bear enjoyed putt putt so much the night before that we decided to do it again. Toward the end of the round, we heard music coming from over by the pond and looked over to see people had gathered and were listening to live music, some people dancing out on the “dance floor” under a giant oak tree. The sun was setting and turning the sky the prettiest cotton candy shades, and it just felt like such a beautiful moment with my boys. Bear convinced us to buy a net from the Camp Store, so he tried to catch fish and frogs while the sun was setting. We let the boys play on the playground and make some new friends before heading back to the cabin to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Everyone went to bed with full bellies and full hearts.

We were sad to go on Sunday, but said goodbye to Splashway knowing that we’ll be back as soon as we can. When I shared stories on Instagram, so many of you messaged saying that your family loves Splashway too and plan to go this summer. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, use code HONEY5 for $5 off here! If you’ve been to Splashway Waterpark and/or the Campground before, I’d love to hear about your experience! Bear couldn’t wait to get home and tell his friends all about it, and made my heart so happy to see how he’ll remember these “adventures” always.
xo, Britt