patriotic punch (kid friendly)

Every year, we get so excited for the Fourth of July and all the celebrations that come along with it. Growing up, it was a huge holiday in my family and we want Bear to love and appreciate the day as well. What better way to celebrate than with some fun, festive punch?!

I'm no magician, or cook for that matter, but I somehow managed to pull off this layered drink which means you definitely can, too. It also makes a fun experiment for older kids, as it usually takes a couple tries to get it just right. Aside from being pretty to look at, it's actually really yummy and refreshing. If you're hosting a party, you can also make the punch in a large beverage dispenser for a grander effect.

The secret is layering the drinks based on sugar content. The beverage with the highest sugar content should go on bottom, then the next highest, then the least sugar content on top. Another secret is pouring each liquid very slowly over the ice, and make sure the jar or cup is completely full of ice. This is very important!

Bear loved the concept of a Twizzler straw and I secretly did, too.

You'll need:
-Cranberry Juice
-Non-alcoholic Pina Colada Mix
-Blue Gatorade

1. Fill up a beverage dispenser or glass to the top with ice cubes.
2. Pour cranberry juice in until the container is 1/3 full.
3. Add a little more ice until the container is full again.
4. Pour the blue Gatorade very slowly over the ice until the container is 2/3 full. It is very important that you pour slowly and directly over the ice cubes to slow down the pour even more. This keeps the liquids from blending together.
5. Add more ice until the container is full again.
6. Pour the pina colada mix very slowly over the ice to the top of the container.
7. Garnish with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries- whatever your patriotic heart desires. Cut the ends off of a Twizzler for a cute (and edible) straw.

Don't be discouraged if it takes a couple tries to get it just right; third time was a charm for Bear and me. We had so much fun making the drink that we didn't mind! If you have any questions or if I can explain anything better, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll answer as best I can! 
xo, Britt