what's in my hospital bag

I can't believe that I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and it's time to get the hospital bag in order! I'm delivering at a new hospital this time so we toured it last Friday; the nurses were on my case a little bit to start getting things together and ready for the baby (thankfully- I need a little push!) so I came home and got to packing. At least if my hospital bag is ready to go, that means I'm somewhat prepared, right? Now we just need to figure out a carseat situation...if anyone has any good recommendations, please let me know!

I recently got the new Jon Hart Design "Rose" color weekender and make-up case and have been dying to use them- they will make the perfect luggage for our hospital stay! If you're unfamiliar with Jon Hart, the company is based in San Antonio, Texas (love supporting local brands) and produces the most beautiful and durable luggage, bags, and accessories. I was gifted my very first Jon Hart mini make-up case when I was a senior in high school and I still use it to this day. I've acquired several other JHD leather pieces over the years and they have lasted impeccably- not to mention the classic designs never go out of style. And did I mention that you can (and should) get each piece monogrammed? This Southern girl loves a monogram on any and everything. The Rose color of my luggage that you'll see below was just launched and I'm in love; thinking that in a house full of boys, I need all the pink I can get!

Now let's talk about what's inside those gorgeous Jon Hart bags! I'm gonna keep it real with you guys- I over-packed for my hospital stay with Bear. I thought I'd need things like books to read (HA! No time for romance novels when you're pushing out a baby), normal underwear (HAHA! I will be buying Depends ASAP), and cute clothes for myself (HAHAHA! See previous parentheses). This time around, I realize that my hospital already has a ton of items the baby and I need such as: diapers, wipes, blankets, socks (for baby and mom), ointment, baby hats, onesies, etc. No reason to waste precious gold aka diapers- especially since you go through about diapers 87 a day that first month. After much thought and recalling what I actually used 5 years ago, here's what's in my hospital bag this go-round:

For Baby:
1. coming home outfit- We were sent the cutest outfit for Baby from Cuddle Sleep Dream (Bear has a matching Big Brother shirt!) so I packed it for our big trip home. 
2. extra cute outfit- While this may be unnecessary, I want to be prepared just in case we have to stay in the hospital a little longer than planned.
3. carseat cover- Of course a carseat will be coming with us as well but that won't fit into my bag. This super cute striped cover from Zippee Max however will. The cover isn't just for carseats though- it can also be used as a nursing cover, in a shopping cart, on a high chair, in swings at the park, and more. We will definitely be getting our use out of the Zippee cover and they're having a sale right now if you're in need of one, too!
4. swaddle blanket- The hospital will have these but I packed one sweet one for the trip home.
5. pacifiers- Our hospital said they have pacis but I'm not sure which kind they provide and these were Bear's favorite at the newborn stage.

For Mom:
6. pajamas- Threw in some of my comfy pajamas that I don't mind ruining. No reason to pack fancy ones because there will be a lot of bodily fluids in that room and I'd just rather not have to worry about messing up expensive pajamas. It's also important that they're nursing-friendly.
7. slippers- Not that I'll be getting up a lot but when I do, I want comfort.
8. robe- A comfy alternative to pajamas. Anything that does not require pants post-birth is a win.
9. hair ties- I will most definitely want my mop out of my face while I'm trying to push out a human. The days following I will also not feel like fixing my hair so ponytails FTW.
10. toiletries/make-up- This will go in my Jon Hart make-up bag and thrown in when it's game-time. Shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, lip balm (hospitals are notoriously dry), lotion, light makeup– hello, pictures– etc. 
11. coming-home outfit- Nothing fancy, just leggings and a sweatshirt. I'll probably sport those slippers, too. Oh and the Depends I mentioned above? That wasn't a joke. I'll be splitting my time between those and the giant hospital granny panties.
12. camera- Because a baby's only born once! We took our DSLR when Bear was born and my Mom caught some great pictures that we cherish.
13. snacks- Labor made me freakin' ravenous with Bear and I have no doubt I'll be the same kind of animal this time. There will be more packed than is pictured above, and I'll also have cash stashed for vending machine runs to feed my Diet Coke addiction (post birth).
14. nipple cream- Oh Lordy I dread the use of this stuff because I recall the pain that comes along with it. But still, necessary.
15. boppy- I breastfed Bear for 15 months and plan on nursing this baby as well; the Boppy worked great for us in the beginning so it's getting used again, just with a new cover.
16. nursing bra- I just bought this one at Target and it looks so much better than the ones I used before. I'll let y'all know if it's as comfortable as it seems!
17. charger- My phone sucks battery when pictures/videos are taken so I already have a spare charger packed. Not something you wanna forget!
18. laptop- Not that I'll use this, but it will go in last minute just in case there's any downtime to work (or if Zach gets bored).
19. nursing cover- We had quite a few family members come when Bear was born and while I'm not sure if we will again (I may have scarred them for life), I still remember wishing I'd had a cover of some sort for breastfeeding. This time, I'm coming prepared.
20. insurance info, hospital forms, and ID- Won't get too far without them.

I think that's everything but if I'm forgetting anything, y'all please let me know! I'm getting so excited to meet this baby boy and packing my bags just made it all the more real. Hope you've all had the best weekend and thank you for stopping by!
xo, Britt

*Thank you to Jon Hart Design for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.
*Photography by Ban Avenue Photography