Savvy Curls & a giveaway!

Let me share a little secret with y'all: I hate curling my hair. Well, hate is such a strong word; let's go with I really don't enjoy curling my hair, at all. Plus we all know that heat damages hair, yet we continue to use these products (curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, etc) on our hair daily. We know smoking is bad for the lungs, so most of us choose not to smoke. Granted hair is not an organ, but you get the point. Why not be as gentle as possible on arguably the first thing people notice about you? Thanks to Savvy Curls, no heat doesn't have to mean no curls!

What are Savvy Curls?
"Savvy Curls are curling headbands that are made of thermal insulating & curl forming materials that work with your body heat to produce stunning lucious curls."

Bear took a two hour nap the other day, and I spent a total of three minutes wrapping and unwrapping my hair with my cute & comfy Savvy Curls headband. This was the result:

See that before? Yikes! I have super thick, naturally awkwardly wavy hair. I'm not talking the whole "I just spent the day at the beach" sexy wave thing, I'm talking the "I might be a hobo you see at a stoplight" kind of thing. Because of this, my hair is really hard to straighten and usually frizzes up after a few hours. I love the look of curls, so I used to suffer through about 30 minutes of standing in front of the mirror with a curling iron every morning. I would feel guilty when Bear came in, begging me to come play and I was curling my stupid hobo hair. Or the laundry needed folding, or my coffee was getting cold (after it's third trip to the microwave), or we were ironically thirty minutes late to a playdate....

Then came Savvy Curls. Is it too bold to say this little band changed my life? Nah. Because it totally has. Most of the time, I curl my hair while I sleep. You read that correctly. I spend about two minutes wrapping my hair right before bed, then wake up in the morning to gorgeous curls. Most headbands hurt my head and give me a headache, and I can say in all honesty that I forget I even have the Savvy Curls band on. It doesn't bother me one bit while I sleep, which is awesome! My Mom used to put me in those dreaded pink sponge rollers (yes mom, I'm looking at you), and they were torture. If I had a daughter, she'd definitely be sleeping in one of these bands every night! 

Here's how it works.
Put a little styling cream or mousse into slightly damp hair.
I had washed my hair this particular morning, and we were going to dinner out that evening so I needed to do something about my mop. It was almost fully dry at this point, and I actually didn't use mousse this time because my hair holds curl really well and, well, I forgot.

Put on the band, and pull the top half into a bun.
As I said before, I have really thick hair so I use the double band. The top piece detaches, or you can order a single band, and just skip the bun step.

Begin wrapping hair around the bottom band, working from the outside in until you reach the middle. Tuck or pin the ends under.

Undo your bun and pull the hair under the top band. Repeat the same process you just did, but on the top band this time.

Sleep, watch Real Housewives, take a walk...the possibilities are endless.

Pull out the band, and viola! Curls for days.

I like a really thick, wavy curl (not tight Shirley Temple ringlets), so I use larger sections of hair when wrapping. If you like a tighter curl, just wrap smaller sections and sleep in the band. The longer you wear it, the more curl you'll have. I only wore it for two hours and I was still pleased with the result. The pictures below were taken immediately after pulling out the band, no brushing, taming, or touching the hair at all.

When my hair decides to ease off on the frizz, I even wear my band out in public. It's cute enough to be an accessory; it's actually a lot cuter than the top knot I normally sport.

If you're a mom, or student, or lazy, or just really love curls & healthy hair, you'll love this thing. I said I'd put my (imaginary) daughter in it...because they actually come in kids sizes, too! No better way to achieve easy, no fuss curls.

Savvy Curls is offering $2 off your purchase to Hello Honey readers with code: savvyc1.
And head over to my Instagram (@brittfullwood) to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your very own!

xo, Britt