splashway recap

Last weekend, we headed to one of our very favorite places, Splashway Waterpark and Campground. We went last year with my parents and had so much fun, we couldn’t wait to get back this summer (read a full review here). Bear really wanted to show Zach how he can do the big waterslides by himself, and we couldn’t wait to see Boonester in full force at the Waterpark this year since he was just 5 months old the last time we went. Sure enough, he lived his best life there. Sharing more below!

We arrived Friday afternoon around 1pm and were excited to hear that our cabin was already ready for us. We unloaded our bags and let the boys play for a bit because they both absolutely LOVED our cabin. Bear really thinks we’re “camping out” when we’re at Splashway, even though the cabins are nicer than a lot of hotels. The bed is like a cloud, you have your own kitchen, and can crank up the AC and much as needed on a hot Texas summer day. More like “glamping” and that’s my style.
We changed and headed to the waterpark, where we all did the Lazy River and Boone decided he needed a nap in the tube. We rented a cabana both days which we learned last year was totally worth it. The cabana gave me a private place to nurse Boone and let him nap, keep all of our things locked up in a safe, and order food/drinks at the push of a button. We had a blast before heading back to the campground for s’mores around the fire pit by the pond, a round of putt putt (Bear’s favorite), and watching Lion King on the lawn. I wish I could put into words how unique and special Splashway is; it’s truly like this magical place where I feel safe letting my boys run and play and they love it even more.

We all slept in on Saturday morning before making a donut run and hitting up the waterpark. We stayed in the park from 10:30am to 5pm and I think the boys would’ve never left if it had been up to them. Bear loved jumping over the waves in the wave pool, and there are at least 4 toddler areas that are perfect for Boone’s age. He had fun making little friends and going down the mini baby slides. Mama got a pretty good tan, so everyone was happy. Zach ended up floating around the Lazy River with Boone for almost an hour while he napped in a tube again; we laughed about how the River put him to sleep every time. It is relaxing…I could’ve taken a nap there, too.
Saturday night was probably my favorite part of the trip. We got back to the cabin and just relaxed, had burgers for dinner, and headed over for another round of putt putt per Bear’s request. We had laser tag tickets but Bear enjoyed putt putt so much the night before that we decided to do it again. Toward the end of the round, we heard music coming from over by the pond and looked over to see people had gathered and were listening to live music, some people dancing out on the “dance floor” under a giant oak tree. The sun was setting and turning the sky the prettiest cotton candy shades, and it just felt like such a beautiful moment with my boys. Bear convinced us to buy a net from the Camp Store, so he tried to catch fish and frogs while the sun was setting. We let the boys play on the playground and make some new friends before heading back to the cabin to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Everyone went to bed with full bellies and full hearts.

We were sad to go on Sunday, but said goodbye to Splashway knowing that we’ll be back as soon as we can. When I shared stories on Instagram, so many of you messaged saying that your family loves Splashway too and plan to go this summer. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, use code HONEY5 for $5 off here! If you’ve been to Splashway Waterpark and/or the Campground before, I’d love to hear about your experience! Bear couldn’t wait to get home and tell his friends all about it, and made my heart so happy to see how he’ll remember these “adventures” always.
xo, Britt

what happens in puerto vallarta...

Happy Friday, friends!!!
I've been wanting to share an Instagram round-up from Mexico on the blog and am finally getting around to it. Most of what I wore is on sale now and perfect for spring, and the swimsuits are under $20! #winning
More details and a full recap of our trip below!

swimsuit | sunnies | hat


I've rambled a lot about our trip to Puerto Vallarta but one thing I haven't done is really give you guys exact details on our happenings during the trip! It was a quick three days and full of mostly amazing food+pool time, but I'll fill y'all in on how we filled our days!

DAY 1:
We arrived in PV around 2pm local time and Shelbi was immediately wanting to get a drink. At the airport. I convinced her to hold off a few hours and we headed to our hotel, the stunning Westin Resort & Spa, where we checked in and got settled in our room (more on that here). We threw on our swimsuits and made a beeline for the pool because the view from our room showcased not only one but two ostentatiously beautiful blue pools. We spent a few hours soaking up the sun before heading up to shower and get ready for dinner at The Westin's fine dining restaurant, Arrecifes Seafood and Steakhouse.

This was Shelbi's favorite meal of the trip and it's easy to see why- the entire six courses (yes, SIX) were absolutely incredible. From the taste to the perfect presentation, we were wined and dined unlike anything I've ever experienced. We were even served edible flowers in two of the dishes which I've never seen (or certainly tasted) before. The tuna tartare was out of this world and the main dish was the best filet mignon I've ever had (and I'm from Texas, y'all!). The dessert was a delicious goat cheese cheesecake with coconut ice cream. I licked that plate.

DAY 2:
On the second day of our trip, we gave laziness a whole new meaning. We woke up and were supposed to head to breakfast at one of the hotel's four fine restaurants, but instead opted to stay in our jammies and order alllllll the room service. I'm talking enough food for at least six very hungry people. We enjoyed our brunch while sipping on cappuccinos overlooking the deep blue Pacific Ocean from our fourteenth floor balcony. 

When we couldn't eat another bite, we decided to head down to the pool (feeling like legit beached whales) and spend the afternoon soaking up the sun. We ordered Miami Vices, got our tan on, and...you guessed it...ordered more food. We chose guac and chips, more tuna tartare (Shelbi's favorite), and ceviche from Tlaquepaque pool bar for lunch that day. After several hours lounging in paradise, we headed up to get ready for dinner at another one of the hotel's restaurants, La Cascada. 

This dinner was another scene right out of a movie- complete perfection and so yummy. We were served scallops, muscles, roasted duck, banana sorbet, and creme brûlée. The hotel staff was so friendly and an all-around joy; we enjoyed all of our servers and the chef even came out to meet us. La Cascada is located inside the hotel but is open to the outside, so we were wowed with a beautiful surprise firework show reflecting over the ocean at the end of the night. We had plans of going salsa dancing after dinner but decided to put on our jammies and have some good quality girl talk in the room instead. We giggled the night away and fell asleep full and happy.

DAY 3:
Our third and final full day in Vallarta was one for the books. We woke up bright and early for the most incredible breakfast I've ever had- four courses of amazingness in a picturesque pergola (cabana) on the beach. This was my favorite meal of the trip and I'm not even normally a breakfast eater. I couldn't really tell you what most of what we ate actually was but what I do know is that it was divine. It was such a beautiful morning, with a light ocean breeze and steady crashing in of the waves into shore. I'm not a morning person at all but I'd get up early every day if I could repeat that morning over again!

From breakfast, we headed to the spa to get hour long massages and they did not disappoint. I mentioned before that Shelbi and I both agreed that they were the best massages we've ever had- we were both ready for naps afterwards. So what did we do? We headed back to the pool, of course! For naps and more sunshine.

We decided to venture out our last evening in Mexico and caught a cab into Old Town Puerto Vallarta, where we did some shopping at the local market and took in the charming sights and sounds of the city. We wandered around in search of food before stumbling upon the gem of all gems, La Palapa. Nestled right on the ocean with the most stunning view and a menu that made our stomachs rumble, we somehow landed the best table in the house (without a reservation). We ordered lots of food, of course, our favorite dish being the to-die-for coconut shrimp. But our favorite part of La Palapa wasn't the food or drinks or even the most beautiful orangey pink sunset over the Pacific Ocean- it was the live entertainment. A two man band, Paper Boat, filled the night with their perfect harmony and classic covers so enchantingly that Shelbi and I couldn't help but belt out right along with them. These guys are incredibly talented and we couldn't get enough of everything from "Sweet Caroline" to "Thinking Out Loud"- I've never heard better a live duet. Happy couples danced around us as we swayed in time to the beautiful music before heading back to our hotel for one final sleep.

DAY 4:
On our last day, we woke up extra early to soak up our last fleeting hours in our new favorite place. We ran down to the third floor of the hotel to grab Starbucks, blared the Mamma Mia! soundtrack on my laptop, and hung out in our pajamas on the balcony for hours. We had to shoot a few more looks (nothing like putting off "work" until the end of the trip) so we did a few outfit changes before going into a packing frenzy and heading to the airport.

We were so sad to leave sunny Puerto Vallarta but had the most amazing time while we were there! Everyone was so friendly, we were beyond impressed with the hospitality of the hotel and kindness of every person we met. In true travel fashion, we both left saying, "I wish we had just one more day"! The sign of a great trip.
xo, Britt

spring break wish list

With spring break quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on all things bright and colorful! I thought tassels and pom pom had their moment last year and would be a thing of the past, but I couldn't have been more wrong. They're back in full force again for spring and summer, and even bigger and better than ever. I'm especially loving tassels and poms paired with classic black for a chic contrast that really makes a statement.

I'm even MORE excited than ever for spring break because next week, I'm headed with one of my girlfriends to Puerto Vallarta! We're so excited and ready for the beach, sunshine, and tacos. Especially tacos. I'll be sure and take a lot of pictures to recap for the blog- I've never been to that part of Mexico so if you have, I'd love to hear your advice/recommendations! I've had (probably way too much) fun putting together outfits for all the activities we don't have planned yet. :)

1. Mar y Sol 'Ibiza' Woven Tote with Tassel Charms- A bit of a splurge, but totally worth it for a beach bag this adorable that you'll carry all summer long. Also comes in navy!
2. BaubleBar Merengue Drop Earrings- Such a fun touch to any outfit! Statement earrings are huge right now (literally) and BaubleBar has the best selection.
3. Black Off the Shoulder Swimsuit- A fun and flirty suit that's modest and flattering on all body types. I will be ordering! 
4. Surf Gypsy Crochet Cover-Up Tunic- Perfect for the beach or afternoon by the pool. Also comes in black!
5. Soludos Lace-Up Espadrille Sandals- These are in my cart currently and I'm SO excited to wear them! I love love love stripes, especially for spring, and can't wait to pair these with both denim shorts and floral print dresses. 
6. Thin Brow Angular Aviator Sunglasses- Only $12 and a great dupe for a similar designer pair. Love the rose gold/pink combo!
7. Seaglass Bib Necklace- I recently ordered this necklace after having my eye on it for months, so expect to see a lot of it in the near future! It comes in five gorgeous colors but I went with turquoise for versatility. 
8. Scallop-hem Denim Shorts- I've seen lots of scallop-hem shorts, but never in denim fabric. And I think these are the most adorable by far!
9. Pom Pom Floppy Hat- The cutest way to protect your skin from the sun. 
10. Ice Cream Sandwich Beach Blanket- For the past several years, foodie pool floats have been all the rage. This year, floats take a backseat to fun, food-inspired beach blankets. And I want every single one of them.

Do you have plans for the middle of March? I feel a bit like a college kid again, being all giddy about spring break. 2017 is going to be a big travel year and I am so excited! I grew up traveling a ton- my parents were both teachers and took us all over the U.S. every summer. I want Bear to experience other places and cultures as much as possible; thankfully Zach enjoys traveling, too, so we have a few plans up our sleeve for this year!

As for now, Bear has t-ball practice in thirty minutes so this mama better hop to it. He has THREE practices AND a game this week- please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that's a little overkill? I mean, I realize this is their first game so the coach wants them to be as prepared as possible, but c'mon...it's t-ball. I definitely don't want to burn Bear out of baseball at four years old, so I'm hoping the practice schedule slows down a bit after this week. It is so much fun watching him play; last week he hit the ball off the tee and when the coach yelled, "Run to first base, Bear!", he ran to the pitcher's mound and stood there. All the parents were just laughing- it's like watching a comedy show at this age. They have no clue what they're doing but it's so cute and funny. I have an all new respect for t-ball team coaches!
xo, Britt