fall at river oaks shopping center

It’s officially here- today marks the first day of the autumn season and I couldn’t happier about it! While I love summer, there’s something magical about the leaves changing to shades of yellow and orange, trips to the pumpkin patch, and sweater weather. That last one especially gets me excited because fall clothing is my favorite! I LOVE chunky knit sweaters, riding boots, leggings, and all things comfy/cozy. Last week I headed to River Oaks Shopping Center to do some fun fall shopping for both myself and Zach- I had the most relaxing “me day” full of a blow out, spray tan, lots of shopping, and of course some snacking along the way. Sharing all about it below!

My first stop in River Oaks Shopping Center (second technically, after Starbucks of course) was at FullBlown Dry Bar for a much needed pampering session. I’ve been to many blow-dry bars in my day and I have to say, Full Blown is top notch. Not only is it a relaxing experience, but everyone in there (including the owner, Peggy) was so friendly and kind, I felt right at home. My blow-out lasted a solid 3 days which is amazing in this Houston heat!

From there I decided to do some shopping and walked over to Saint Cloud, which is one of my very favorite boutiques. I was greeted by the sweetest “employee” and picked up a trendy came jacket that you’ll be seeing a lot of this fall! I also picked up a new bag in J.Jill, some sweaters in White House Black Market, and a dress from Vikari. I always want to take a trip back to Paris when I stock in Vikari- the clothes are all from French designers and are so chic (yet without the super expensive European price tag!).

Zach rarely has time to shop and was in need of some new fall threads, so I took it upon myself to do some shopping on his behalf (#challengeaccepted). I stopped in Jos A Bank where I was greeted warmly and helped right away- which was nice since I wasn’t sure where to even start! They had so many great menswear pieces and not just suits- I ended up getting Z several sweaters and a grey vest he can wear for fall family pictures. I also ran in Allen Edmonds to get him some new dress shoes because they’re his favorite and he lives in dress shoes. Comfort is key and Allen Edmonds has mastered the art of style meets comfort.

After all my shopping, I still had a little extra time before I needed to pick up the boys so I grabbed a quick spray tan at Beautifully Bronzed. I rarely get spray tans but I have a lot of events/shoots the next week and thought it would be a good idea to try out the salon. Best spray tan I’ve EVER had, hands down, and I love that their tanning solutions and products are all 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben-free. Since I’m still breastfeeding, especially, this was very important to me. Highly recommend Beautifully Bronzed in River Oaks Shopping Center to other mamas looking for a safe spray tan!

Walking around River Oaks Shopping Center with fall in the air was good for my soul. As much as I love spending time with my boys, I truly believe having “me time” is essential to being the best mama I can be- we all need time to recharge and come back energized and ready to give our kids our best. Even if you’re not a Mom, taking time for your self is just as important! Spending an afternoon in River Oaks Shopping Center this fall will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and likely give your closet a revamp, too.
xo, Britt

*This post is sponsored by River Oaks Shopping Center, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

cowboy boots styled 2 ways

This post is sponsored by Zappos, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Growing up in West Texas, I have always loved a good pair of cowboy boots. Zach grew up on a farm, so he’s pretty much lived in boots his whole life. When I told him I was getting a pair of Ariat boots, he nearly fell out of his chair. He informed me that they’re top notch in quality which made us both laugh since I definitely won’t be herding cattle in these. That’s the beauty of cowboy boots, though- they’re so versatile! Whether you’re planning on tailgating at your alma mater this fall, taking a trip to the pumpkin patch, or just heading to brunch with friends, these Ariat boots will add the cutest touch to any outfit.

I wanted to show y’all just how easy it is to style these boots with two different everyday looks. The first is an outfit I wore to brunch last Sunday with a girlfriend, and the Heritage Western R Toe were perfect with my sweater dress!

I was shocked to find that the boots didn’t even have to be broken in at all- they were comfortable from the first wear and fit true to size (I have my normal size 6). But let me tell you guys honestly that I LOVE ordering off of Zappos. I have ordered the wrong size on items twice (my own fault for not checking measurements) and returns were so easy- they have some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. And that’s saying a lot for someone who shops all the time! I have also found great sales on Zappos and shipping is super fast.

For the second look, I put together an outfit that I’ll be wearing to the Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game in early November. My boys are excited for the actual game, while I’m excited to wear a cute outfit and eat hot dogs. This might be my favorite way to wear Ariat boots, since they provide warmth when it’s chilly out, are comfortable, and are actually flattering on all body types. Plus I had this idea in my head that cowboy boots were really expensive, but these are under $150 (with 5 star reviews). That’s an awesome price for something that is such great quality and will last you for years to come. This classic design never goes out of style, either. I know because I still have a pair of my Mom’s boots from the early 1970’s that look very similar and they’ve been my favorites until I got my hands on these!

I can’t believe I waited this long to get a pair of Ariat boots with as often as we attend A&M football games, but I’m so glad I finally did. These are way more comfortable than any of the other boots I used to wear to games and much cuter, too! Now I think it’s time to get Bear and Boone matching Ariat cowboy boots, especially since Bear is obsessed with Woody from Toy Story. Definitely making it happen before the Houston Rodeo in March!

What is your favorite look- one or two? Let me know in the comments!
xo, Britt

thrive drip spa

Last week, I had the opportunity to try out the stunning ThrIVe Drip Spa in The Woodlands for the first time and after posting about it on Instagram stories, received so many questions that I wanted to share more information here! I had heard about drip spas in the past but was always a little skeptical to try one since IV’s make me nervous. I had a lot of questions:
Does a real certified nurse administer the IV? The answer is yes!
Does it hurt? Not at all.
Do you feel better afterward? SO much so, I couldn’t believe it.
Answering more of your questions and what exactly ThrIVe Drip Spa is below!

Let’s talk first about WHY an IV drip is something one would need on a regular basis.
So many of us don’t realize that we are dehydrated, which is causing low levels in energy, ability to focus, overall mood, digestion, and so much more. Dehydration occurs when you’ve lost too much water in your body without replacing it, preventing your body from performing at its best. Once the water in your body is reduced, it needs to be replaced which is where ThrIVe Drip Spa comes in. You can go in anytime for a one time drip (walk-ins welcome), but as with most things it’s wise to stay on top of your health and wellness. I’m hoping to make ThrIVe Drip Spa a regular stop because I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after my drip last week. Within an hour I already felt so much more energized, and my skin has felt better/clearer ever since. That was the biggest surprise for me- I didn’t realize how much my dehydration was affecting my skin.

How long does it take?
Not long at all- max, 45 minutes to get a full drip. Apparently my body was really thirsty, because it downed that bag in under 15 minutes. I was in and out quickly on my lunch break!

Is it a one drip fits all?
Nope, you can completely customize your own drip for your personal needs. Everyone has their own specific nutrient requirements which is why Thrive lets you choose what you’d like to give your body through the IV. My girlfriends and I chose pretty much everything on the menu to help with energy, metabolism, skin, and more. You can create your own or go with a standard drip option which includes: Hydrate Drip, Fit Drip, Slim Drip, Beauty Drip, Meyers Drip, Detox Drip, & Party Drip.

What’s that big machine?
That would be for Cryotherapy, which is the local or general exposure of the body to subzero temperatures to promote multiple health benefits. It boosts your energy, improves muscle recovery, and burns over 800 calories in one session. The owner told me that the only other place that has this in all of Houston is the pro athlete teams like the Texans, so it’s pretty cool that we can have the same benefits right here in The Woodlands.

Where’s it located?
Right by Market Street in The Woodlands, in the same parking lot as HEB. Very conveniently located on Lake Woodlands Drive.

How often should I go?
Most people get 1-2 IV’s per week, or do a minimum of 10 Cryotherapy sessions within a 2-3 week period. Of course I’d recommend visiting ThrIVe to try it out first and chances are you’ll experience what I did and want to get back soon!

Is this a new business?
The Woodlands is the third location for ThrIVe- they first opened in New York City, Memorial Park area of Houston, and now The Woodlands as of June.

Do you have a discount code?
Yes! Just mention my name when you go to ThrIVE and receive any premium drip for $90.

I honestly still can’t believe how much better I felt and that I actually enjoyed an IV experience- I’ve always been the person at the doctor who cringes when it’s time for an IV. The nurse at ThrIVe was so good- I barely felt the smallest prick and after that, nothing. It didn’t hurt when he took it out either and I had no bruising. The two girls with me, Shelbi and Sara, experienced the same. We also got a B12 shot which probably contributed to our energy after, as well.

I was concerned whether or not I could get an IV like this while breastfeeding, but it turns out it’s only beneficial as it’s like a prenatal vitamin on steroids (joking of course, but you know what I mean). It provides Boone with so many nutrients and actually increased my milk supply! So mamas that struggle with keeping up milk supply, I’d recommend getting regular drips while you’re nursing- it not only helps with your own exhaustion and energy levels, but is also great for baby.

If you have any other questions about ThrIVe and what they offer, I’m happy to answer in the comments.
Happy Hump Day, friends!
xo, Britt

*Thank you to ThrIVe Drip Spa for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.