vegas recap part 3

I’m back with a final recap from the #WGStyleSociety in Vegas (last one here)! In case you missed it, Kelley and Victoria of Wilson Gabrielle graciously hosted 15 of us bloggers at Red Rock at the begging of October for a weekend full of learning, bonding, and fun. And fun it was!

I talked about our first night cocktail hour/dinner, Saturday morning yoga/lunch, and left off after Saturday afternoon’s fabulous pool party. Sharing pictures from the pool party below, complete with pineapple drinks, macarons, and the most stylish group of girls around.

my swimsuit | cover up | sandals

photos Bethany Paige Photography

After the pool party, we headed up to our rooms to get ready for a night out at the Palms. It was my only time leaving Red Rock except to go to the airport, so I was excited to see a little more of the city. It ended up being a pretty crazy time to be out because there was a big UFC fight in Vegas that night, but we had the most amazing time! Our group of girls took a party bus (blaring Taylor Swift) to the Palms, where we were escorted up to the new Model Behavior Suite which was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before- luxury on a whole nother level. We loved hanging out in the suite which was completely vamped up for the event, before heading down to dinner. Y’all. I have never eaten better or more in my life. So much seafood and SO good. I lost track of courses but by the end, I rolled out of that place and took an uber back to the hotel to give in to my food coma. The other girls went up on the roof to Apex night club and said they had the best time- I had some FOMO but mom duty called and I was ready to get back to my boys.

Sunday morning, we were invited to a brunch at the cafe in Red Rock and was my final goodbye to all the girls. I was sad to say bye to so many sweet ladies I’d gotten to know over the weekend, but not sad enough to miss out on the delicious buffet of gourmet donuts, french toast, coffee, and any kind of juice you could ever dream up. The final event was just as impeccably done as all the others- I loved every minute and can’t thank Kelley and Victoria enough for including me in such an amazing experience. We were gifted so many things, from Venus et Fleur flowers, to personalized art, to Athletica work out gear, to Henri Bendell bags, and much more- we were spoiled rotten and I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity for bonding with friends, old and new.

Currently coffee shop working with my girl Shelbi, trying to knock out our to-do lists while sipping on vanilla lattes and laughing at random things/getting easily distracted. We are loving this cold weather that’s perfect for coffee shop days! Hope you’re staying warm and cozy wherever you are. :)
xo, Britt

vegas recap part 2

On Monday, I shared the first part of our Vegas recap with y’all here, and I’m back with more! I have a few other outfits I’ll be sharing from the trip after this but I wanted to tell more about the #WGStyleSociety hosted by Wilson Gabrielle. I got to meet several girls I’ve been “Instagram friends” with for years like Ashley Brooke, Peyton Baxter, and Katy Herrell which was such a treat. It’s always a good feeling putting an actual face with an Instagram handle, especially when you find your “internet friend” is even more kind and sweet in person.

Sharing pictures from our yoga morning and more details below!

pictures by Bethany Paige Photo

After the most amazing dinner on Friday night, Zach and I spent the morning at the pool with Bear and Boone. Red Rock has the biggest, most incredible pool area- I’ll share some pictures of it in the next post! After a fun morning with the boys, I headed to yoga with the girls. Hip hop yoga, to be exact. I’m not a yogi of sorts; in fact, my attempt at hip hop yoga was laughable. But I was next to my girl Dede and we giggled the entire time, but also got to relax and recharge. Afterwards we had the yummiest spread of juices, mini blueberry pancakes, yogurt parfaits, and lots more. It was such a good morning and just what this mama needed. From there, we changed quickly and headed back to the pool for an afternoon pool party. There was another delicious spread (I told y’all before, we ate well on this trip!) and I enjoyed getting to visit with the other girls. It had been cloudy all morning but the sun ended up coming out the last few hours and the weather felt glorious. Zach took the boys to a movie during this time (Boone’s first theatre experience) before they joined us back at the pool. I’m told it was a success…but not surprised because Zach is so good with the boys. Thankful for all his help over the course of the weekend which allowed me to really enjoy the WG Style Society.

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from the pool party and one last recap from our trip. It’s been so fun for me reliving the weekend and I already want to go back!
xo, Britt

vegas recap part 1

I’m so excited to share details of our Vegas trip here today! It was such a fabulous weekend, full of food, fun, friends (some old, lots new!), and family. That’s right, the fam went to Vegas. If you’re wondering why, or the backstory of how this all came about, let me explain.
Rewind back to June, when an email came floating into my inbox inviting me to the Wilson Gabrielle Style Society in early October. I was so excited and replied yes right away, not even really thinking that Boone would likely still be breastfeeding at 7 months and Bear would have just started kindergarten. It ended up working out perfectly though, as Bear was out of school both Friday and Monday for Columbus Day so he didn’t miss any school at all for the trip (we flew out Friday afternoon and got home Monday afternoon). Zach watched the boys during my events (thanks, Z!) and we stayed at the Red Rock, which was extremely family friendly. A HUGE pool area, movie theatre, arcade, bowling alley, 10 restaurants (not counting the best room service or food court) all live inside Red Rock. So there was no shortage of things for the boys to do while I got to know some of the most amazing boss babes and see Vegas for the first time in over 15 years.
Sharing pictures and more below!

photos by Bethany Paige Photo
red/black dress from the first night HERE
leopard dress | booties from the last night

You’re probably wondering what Wilson Gabrielle is. It’s a blog run by two sisters, Kelley and Victoria Fertitta, who are some of the sweetest and most stylish girls you’ll ever meet. They graciously hosted 15 bloggers at Red Rock for 3 nights/3 days to learn from one another, talk about growth/business strategies, and just have fun. Because, #Vegas. They wined and dined us like I’ve never experienced before- I was pretty certain at one point I’d turn into a lobster or crab with all the seafood I was devouring. SO GOOD. I didn’t realize how good the food would be at Red Rock- I think my favorite was T-Bones Chophouse. The sides were out of this world; seriously some of the best mashed potatoes and mac ‘n cheese I’ve ever had. Leave it to me to go to Las Vegas and eat Southern comfort food. But no regrets because it was delicious!

After arriving on Friday, I only had about 45 minutes to get ready for the first evening’s events. I chose this red & black RTR dress and booties for comfort and headed to the cocktail hour. I’m not even sure what room we were in but it was a penthouse suite of sorts- STUNNING views over the city and waiters passing tasty drinks and hors d’oeuvres. The sky was the most gorgeous blend of cotton candy colors- oranges and pinks and blues and purples all filtered together to create this painting across the desert sky. The air was dry and cool, a perfect 70ish degrees. After an hour or so of mingling and meeting the other girls, we headed to dinner at T-Bones which was out of this world. I keep talking about the food but I can’t help it! Every meal was 5+ courses and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The company helped as well, being surrounded by girls that I’ve long looked up to and admired who proved to be just as amazing in person. Demi of 12th Tribe was the guest speaker, who inspired us to step out of our comfort zones and chase our dreams. Some of the girls went out after dinner but mama duty called so I headed back to my boys. It was an incredible first night and I’ll be back to share the rest of the weekend soon!

Hope your week is off to a great start! Is it cold where you are? My Colorado friends were sharing all their snow pictures yesterday and it seems so early for that! Maybe I’ve just forgotten. We are getting our first real cool front of the season in Houston today, with weather in the low 60s. And we are pretty pumped about it. Yay fall!
xo, Britt