movie nights with balsam hill+hallmark channel

I can’t hold off any more on sharing this post with you guys- the holidays are upon us!!! And I’m sorry in advance to any Thanksgiving sticklers who prefer to hold off on decorations until after Thanksigiving- I totally get and respect that (my grandma is the same way and lets me hear about it). I, however, can’t help but pull out the holiday decor as early as possible, which happened to come in the form of November 1st this year. #noshame

The reason I couldn’t wait any longer is because we got the most beautiful new tree & ornaments from Balsam Hill that I was dying to see in our living room! I’ve had a lot of questions about our tree since posting it on Instagram- it’s the 9 foot Frosted Frasier Fir and we are very happy with it. I get that Balsam Hill trees are more expensive than the trees you see at most other retailers, but having one myself now, I understand the difference in quality. The foliage really is lifelike- it feels like we went out and cut down a real tree but without all the mess (“little full, lotta sap”). And the lights are probably my favorite part of all. Our tree is COVERED in lights and it’s so beautiful by night- I love seeing the tree reflecting in our living room windows. Really sets the mood for the holiday season and gives all the cozy vibes!

Bear with these photos as our home decorating is still a big work in progress. We did finally get a TV stand, but still need a coffee table, living room chairs, something over the mantel, and lots in between. But we are enjoying taking our time with the decorating process and the Christmas decor fills the gaps quite nicely so far. :)

Nordic Frost Ornament Set | Alpine Ski Set | Frosted Picks | Hallmark shirt

Now that you’ve seen our Balsam Hill decor, I hope you love it as much as we do. And onto another very important topic…Hallmark Christmas movies. You guys know that I’m obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies and have been talking about them for weeks. What’s even more exciting is that our Balsam Hill ornaments/decor are featured in several of the Hallmark movies this season:

11/3: Christmas Joy- Did you catch this one? It was SO good!
11/24: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
11/25: A Shoe Addicts Christmas

I’m so excited for both Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane and A Shoe Addicts Christmas; will be recording them ASAP so I don’t miss them! Do you love Hallmark Christmas movies, too? If so, what’s your favorite? I love anything royal-related & listed out the best (in my opinion) Hallmark Christmas movies in THIS post. Please leave your favorites in the comments so I can record those, too.
Happy weekend, friends! We are headed to College Station tomorrow to watch the Aggies take on Ole Miss and the boys are pretty excited. I can’t wait to catch up with my bestie from college, Elissa, and get a peek at Santa’s Wonderland!
xo, Britt

how to paint kitchen backsplash

When we bought our home back in July, we fell in love with pretty much all of the house except for the kitchen backsplash. As soon as we walked into the kitchen, the dark patterned tile glared at us as if to say “Change me!”. It’s not that I don’t like patterned tile/backsplash, but with our particular granite style it just felt really busy in the space. It also made the kitchen appear much darker/smaller than it would with a lighter tile. Our home was in the very final stages of construction and the builder wouldn’t change the backsplash at that point. We decided to take matters into our own hands and two months after moving in, finally tackled the project. We considered all options, with the first of course being to simply replace the tile. But this proved to be pretty pricey, since they’d have to not only replace the tile but also the drywall behind it.

We went to Sherwin Williams (this post is not sponsored by the way!) where we were given some direction as far as what primer and paint to use and how to go about the process. I’ll share all of it below! Here is our before and after:


Zach was a big help with this project- thank you, Z! He started by taping everything off, removing light switch plates, and doing some heavy-duty sanding. Since our tile is glass and was very slick/shiny, we needed to do a lot of sanding. The electric sander ending up crashing on us so Zach sanded most of it by hand.

Once it was ready to be primed, we did 3 separate coats of Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer in White, letting each coat completely dry for 3-4 hours before applying the next layer. With that dark tile, it took 3 solid coats to conceal it. If you had lighter tile, it would probably only take 2 coats. We did paint over the grout, which was a medium grey color, so we used 2 separate brushes to paint. A medium-sized roll brush to apply paint evenly/smoothly and a sponge brush to get in the grout and along the top/bottom of area. We bought a gallon of primer but didn’t end up using even half- a little goes a long way with this stuff. We also waited to buy all of our paint and materials until Sherwin Williams was having a 40% off everything sale, which brought the cost of the entire project down to under $100.

We did all the priming on a Sunday and let the final coat dry completely overnight, waiting until Monday evening to finish the job. You wouldn’t have to wait this long, but this is how our schedule worked out and we were able to finish the job pretty easily on Monday. We used Sherwin Williams Emerald paint in “Rhinestone” as the final color, and are really happy with how it came out! It’s a very light, cool grey, that blends well with our granite and flows with the rest of the kitchen. We debated going with the same white as our cabinets but wanted a slight contrast. Two coats of paint later and we were finished! The Emerald paint adhered very well to the primer; we were impressed with just how easy this part of the job was.

It isn’t perfect, and if you look closely you’ll notice the edge of the grout where the tile meets the granite needs to be touched up. We just bought little paint brushes for this last night and will get it done soon, but for now we are loving our new backsplash!

If you’re wanting to given your kitchen a fresh new look and are tired of your backsplash, definitely considering giving it a paint job! Our kitchen feels much brighter, cleaner, and less “busy”- which we love since this is the heart of our home. Not that I cook all that much, but we do make lots of trips to the refrigerator regardless. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!
xo, Britt

playroom reveal

I am SO EXCITED to finally show y’all a finished spot in our home! As you know, we are big fans of Pottery Barn Kids and we worked with them to make this space a special one for our boys. I fell in love with their Modern Baby line and as soon as we started picking pieces from the playroom collection, the rest of the room fell into place. The morning light in here is so good- perfect for play! Sharing lots of pictures, info, and sources below…

Sloan My First Play Table
My First Molded Back Play Chair
Sloan Bookrack
Sloan Tall Bookcase
Sloan Toy Chest
Evo Rug 8x10
Finn + Emma Mischief the Mouse Big buddy
Cloud Fringe Mirror
Metallic Tyvek Silver Storage
"Hug Life" LED Sentiment Wall Light
Minted I Love You This Much By Leah Bisch
Minted Ever Softly By Melanie Severin
Giraffe Art
Striped Baskets
Black Floating Shelf
Teepee Lights
Rabbit Lamp
Similar Arrow Garland
Wicker Chair

About the space:

I wanted this area to be a place that both boys could enjoy- safe for Boone once he’s on the move soon, with lots of learning and educational focus for Bear now that he’s in kindergarten. The Pottery Barn Kids bookrack and bookshelf both mount to the wall and are extremely sturdy, which checked the boxes on our safety concerns. I think my favorite part of the room, and Bear’s too, is the reading nook/teepee area. He loves to lay in there and read books he pulls off of the Sloan Bookrack, which is the perfect place to keep seasonal/favorite books on rotation.

I knew I wanted to put black and white stripes somewhere in our house, and this seemed like the best spot to have fun with them. I feel like that’s a design element that never goes out of style, and the Pottery Barn Kids pieces are timeless as well. And now that I’m thinking bout it, the Evo Rug may actually be my favorite part of the room. I can’t believe how much it brightens up the space and really makes the room- plus the quality is amazing. I couldn’t even begin to lift it on my own! It’s super durable which is just what we need with two little boys. We also need lots of storage options with all the toy trucks, cars, dinosaurs, etc. we have, and PBK has the cutest storage bins right now. I need to order more of these silver ones soon as our toy collection seems to just continue to grow (thank you, grandparents!).

The Hug Life sign is another thing I couldn’t pass up- it especially looks cool by night when the room is illuminated by “Hug Life” and the teepee lights. Bear loves hanging out in his playroom at night. I also wanted a way to display Bear’s art- he’s quite the little Picasso- and he proudly pins up his favorite pieces after each coloring session. Boone takes it all in, eager for the day when he’ll be keeping up with big brother. Mommy’s not ready for that quite yet- but I love our afternoons sitting in this room, laughing and coloring and playing pretend pirates. These are some of the best moments of my life- the simple, imperfectly perfect ones with my boys. There’s a reason this room is the first complete one in our new home- it was most important! I know eventually Bear & Boone will outgrow certain toys and games, but I hope this space fosters a love for learning, creativity, and imagination that will live within them always.
xo, Britt